Fitness Room Info

NEW Fitness Room


Fitness Room is available when the pool is open unless otherwise listed or posted.

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No children under the age of 13 allowed in FITNESS ROOM unless in a scheduled Manitou Pool program!

*During Class Training time, the room is reserved for people that paid and registered for the class. No other patrons allowed unless approved by the instructor.

General Rules

  • Must be 16 and over to use fitness room except during Junior Fitness (Rules listed below)*. Exceptions: Director approved Junior training groups
  • Must wear shirt, shorts or workout gear and shoes.(no wet clothing or swimsuits)
  • Equipment must be used properly and for its intended purpose only.
  • If the area is not clean or you discover a problem with a piece of equipment, please report it on the clipboard hanging on the wall.
  • Please clean up after yourself, wipe down equipment and put weights in proper area after use. No street shoes allowed, violators will be charged $25 cleaning fee.
  • Personal Training: Under no circumstance is any patron permitted to train another person for compensation. If it is determined that paid personal training has been conducted on the premises, the trainer and trainee will lose facility privileges.
  • Lifeguards have full authority to regulate this area. Any violations may result in loss of facility privileges and replacement costs for equipment damage.

Gym Etiquette

  • Dress Appropriately. Clean workout clothes including shirts and gym shoes are all that is required. Note the emphasis on CLEAN. Leave the cutoff jean shorts, tor clothing, biker boots, stripper clothes, daisy duke shorts, ball huggers' shorts, and pajama pants at home. Wearing non workout clothes, dirty, ripped, or smelly clothes is poor gym etiquette.

Practice Good Hygiene

  • Use Towels. ALWAYS bring a towel with you, especially if you wear tank tops or sweat a lot. Towels help you keep your sweat to yourself, and they help you avoid the sweat of others. There is nothing worse than lying on a piece of gym equipment with someone else's sweat all over it. Please use our disinfectant wipes on the equipment after use!
  • Control Offensive Body Odor. Exercising makes you sweat and perspiration causes body odor. Many cases will be working out in close proximity with others and do everyone a favor and come to the gym showered and wear effective deodorant. Smelling good is great however don't take this to an extreme. You are not going out to a club, so do NOT douse yourself with cologne; overcompensation can be just as unpleasant for fellow members.
  • Germs. Wash hands to decrease spread of germs after (1) using rest room (2) after sneezing or coughing on your hand and (3) after workouts  Also wipe machines off before and after use.

*JUNIOR FITNESS -Everyday 3pm-Close:  Juniors 13 years to 15 years old (proof of age required-No Exceptions!) must take a fitness room orientation class (free of charge) and pass a written test. After successful completion, the junior will be issued a pass that states they can use the fitness room without supervision during the listed Junior times. For those who choose not to take the class, a parent or guardian (18 & older) must supervise their use of the equipment at all times. Regardless of supervision or acquiring the pass, the parent or guardian of the minor will be held responsible for damage due to misuse of the equipment.

(Please see the Head Lifeguard, Aquatics Coordinator for the orientation and test).